Body by a CheezIt

Food and I have always gotten along. I spent a lot of time over at my grandmother’s house, which meant if I didn’t eat what she cooked then I didn’t eat at all. She raised me to not be a picky eater and why would anyone want to be one in the first place? There are so many different types of food and millions of things you can try with them that it sounds like Heaven. I remember the first time I tried the amazing mac and cheese. I was around the age of seven and my mother made her homemade mac and cheese for a family gathering. My mom made a plate for me and the first thing I went for was her mac and cheese. My father always bragged about how delicious it was and he was right. It was one of the best things  that I ever ate at the age of seven. I thought my mom was my very own personal mac and cheese wizard chef. At that moment was the moment that I decided that food and I were going to be very good friends.

The only food that I can eat without getting tired of it is chocolate. I used to sneak out of my bedroom, as a little girl, and sneak pieces of chocolate back to my room for breakfast and a late night snack. My mother and I both love chocolate so much that we have a drawer in the kitchen filled with chocolate snacks. It was the best idea my mother ever came up with. I have consumed so much chocolate over my lifetime that whenever I eat some now I always sneeze twice after I take my first bite. Apparently my body was become somewhat allergic to my favorite food. Ironic. Food can have some negative side effects, unfortunately. It makes my tummy a little chubby at times. Also, I am not the most healthy eater which also makes my face have some breakouts. Most people would cut down not he unhealthy food choices, but that is just way to difficult for me to do so I suck it up. Food is one of the greatest things that us, as human kind, have found a way to make better and better and I would like to thank people for that. As Clark would say from The Office, “Body by a CheezIt.”


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