Midol to the Rescue

When Mother Nature decides to pay girl a visit each month it is a gift and a curse. It is a gift to know that your body is okay and everything is working properly. It is a curse with all the other parts that tag along with the visit. The first villain that comes to pay me a visit is Bloating. For a whole week I will tell myself that I need to go on a diet and work out more, but in reality it is just Bloating making me second guess my body. It is quiet a devious plot that Bloating has come up with and it terrorizes many woman and prevents us from wearing certain clothes. Cravings is Bloating’s best accomplice. They are the worst duo ever. Cravings makes me want to eat every little scrap of food that comes into my range of view. When I finally give into Cravings temptations, Bloating swoops right in and makes me feel like a land whale. It is a terrible combination! Think of the worst two villains your mind can let you conjure up. Then double that by a thousand and you will have the evil due of Bloating and Cravings.

The final villain of them all is the Cramps. Cramps is the most devious mastermind to everything painful and annoying that happens to a girl when another Nature wants to visit. Cramps tags along to give me a never ending cycle of curling up into balls of pain and waking up in the middle of the night because it’s pain is so treacherous. The only thing that is able to fight off all three of these truly evil villains is the amazing Midol. Midol is able to throw the biggest punches at their faces and win the battle and the war that occurs every month for a week. This SUPER hero is able to destroy Cravings and make Bloating disappear so I am able to wear my favorite little black dress. The best thing that Midol is able to do is ward off the worst villain, Cramps. Midol stomps that little turd into the ground and is able to make him want to never come back and visit me again (even though he does). I know there are many super heroes that come and rescue the damsel in distress, but none of them ever come close to my super hero, Midol. I mean who can say that a hero comes and saves them for a whole week out of every month. I don’t think Superman ever did that nor did Spiderman for Mary Jane. Yeah they saved their cities, but Midol saves me from having unnecessary mood swings.


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