One of the worst things about be a hormonal teenager/young adult are the breakouts that come along with it. When I was a young teenager, around the ages of thirteen to sixteen, I had some really bad breakouts. Not as bad as the people who are on those commercials on how this amazing product will cure everything that pops up on your face. I had enough bumps and scars to make me not feel so hot though. I tired so many products and home made remedies that I Googled (side note: the internet is never a good idea if you need some really good ideas). One product made my skin break out into a huge, red rash! I felt like a snake that was constantly peeling twenty-four seven. Another product made the acne on my face multiply by ten. How that is possibly I have no idea, but it was the worst experience of my life. The last product I tried finally showed me some progress and the breakouts subsided. When you are so young and your hormones are making red bumps pop up everywhere on your face, you can start to feel embarrassed and a little unattractive. I never like to use to word ugly, but at many times that is how I saw myself when I looked in the mirror.

If there was a comic book artist that was looking for a muse for their next mutant, hideous monster then I was a prime candidate. In reality, no one is that mutant monster. ¬†Breakouts are a part of life and yes they are not something anyone enjoys (but if you do, then you do you). I have like ten breakouts on my face right now, hence why I felt the weird need to blog about this topic. Also, it sucks. I was putting on my makeup today, trying to hide these massive bumps all over my face, and nothing was doing to trick. I ended up slamming my foundation on the ground and some of it squirted out into my eye, making me even more aggravated. Life lesson: don’t take your anger out on your makeup, they are just trying to help. Now, I guess I should just try to embrace the things that my hormones have “blessed” me with and just get over it. I am not that ugly monster that I see when I look into the mirror and neither is anyone else. Plus, they are not something that is permanent. Breakouts are not fun at all and the next time some decide to come into the light I will say, “Screw it! I am beautiful!”


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