10 Reason Why Nicki Minaj is Goals

Nicki Minaj is one the baddest female rappers in the industry and with her new album, Pink Print, being released she has become even more amazing. She is literally goals on so many levels and here are ten reason why.

1. Her booty- A lot of women are blessed with a big booty (I wouldn’t know), but Nicki Minaj was given a booty by God and even He was like damn that is one fine job I did right there.

2. Her rhymes- Nicki slays in her raps. There isn’t one song that I don’t listen to her by her and I am like “OH MY GOD!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!” Her sass and attitude is everything.

3. Her best friend is Beyoncè- If that is not goals for everyone, then you need to reevaluate your life.

4. She is engaged to Meek Mill- He might not be exactly my type, but they collaborated on so many songs that even if they are not that romantic, I still find them so cute.

5. She empowers women- Every time Nicki is in an interview she is always about empowering women to be independent and their own person. Even in her songs she raps about how the woman should be in charge.

6. She was the only woman apart of the Young Money group- pretty self explanatory, but also plays into how she is her own woman and can conquer anything.

7. Her personality- Nicki Minaj is like a ball of bad ass, hyper, perfect energy and no matter where she is or who she is talking to she always has the same personality with everyone.

8. She loves her fans- On my twitter feed, I always see Nicki retweeting and interacting with her fans more than I see any other celebrity.

9. No one can step to her- Nicki has to be one of the most well respected women in the rap industry, to the point that most people don’t look at her as a female rapper. They look at her as someone who is able to produce records that end up selling millions.

10. Her best friend is Beyoncè- I know I already said this, but come on!!! It is the Queen B, so that makes Nicki a queen! Plus the Feeling Myself video is one of the best music videos every made of all time.


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