Yoga Thoughts

I have started taking yoga classes and I have to admit, that stuff is really hard. I literally have sweat everywhere when I leave and I feel so unfit afterwards. I usually like to go during the day, so I will not have to be in a crowded class. Unfortunately that is the exact same time the housewives like to go as well. I never gave housewives any thought, but some of these women can whip out some moves that make me question them. I would never get into a fight with a housewife, because they have some MAJOR upper body strength. My most common thought I have during every yoga class is if I should keep of this healthy vibe going into lunch/dinner or do I deserve that double chocolate chip cookie and Panera mac and cheese. Nine times out of ten I always go with the choice of rewarding myself with the unhealthy, yet very delicious choice. I usually go to yoga with my best friend, Carli and sometimes (every time) she shows me up. She has been doing yoga a lot longer than I have and I hate going to places by myself. One day, the assistant came up to Carli and was complementing her on how strong and balanced she is and I am like “Hey! I tried and sweated and I look like I worked out for once. A for effort!”

I never really knew why there was yoga and hot yoga. I usually just thought it was about finding your zen and spiritual stuff like that, but oh was I wrong. Hot yoga is the only thing that has been able to make me wanna pass out in my own sweat puddle (yes that is very disgusting, but don’t judge me). The teachers are always so happy and alive, while I am just trying to breathe and not pass out on my matt. One time, we were in a pose that required you to be in a lunge position and have your arms out to your sides and I was the only person that fell over. I embarrassed myself, but also Carli, because she has to associate with me. I do have to give myself some props though. I never quit! I always stick with the the flow, even if I fall down on my face. The worst part of yoga for me is when we have to use out arms. I have zero muscles in my whole body, so when the instructor tells us to do planks and all these other crazy moves my arms start to shake and once again I collapse onto the ground. At first I thought my body was going into total shut down mode, because I have pissed it off, but fortunately the instructor was like you are building up some muscles with their bright and shiny smile. In all honestly, I really enjoy doing yoga and it is the only type of physical activity I have stuck with that has lasted for more than two days. Also, those lavender towels are like heaven.


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