Every New Year I decide to not make a resolution, because why decide to do something when I know that I am not going to stick with it. This year I have finally made a resolution and I am going to do my best to not break it. I have stepped back and taken a look on my life over this past winter break. I have two amazing best friends that have always been there for me through the hardest times in my life and the happiest times in my life and not once have they judged me. I have an amazing, strong mother that will never let me down. I have people in my life that I can say, without a doubt, love me and I have a job that I love going to. Most of the time I look at resolutions and do not take them very seriously, because they are about going to the gym or eating more healthy. My resolution is about making my personal life more healthy and working on myself.

I want to be a better person. There is always room for improvement on any aspect in life. I want to volunteer more within my community and help out the people around me. I want to be nicer and more respectful to my mother and not argue with her. I want to be a better friend to the people who have always been there for me. I want to be better at my job and learn new skills to improve on. I am going to take this resolution seriously, because this is something that I need to do. I need to be a better person. Sometimes in life I can feel myself slipping up and being that mean girl and gossiping about other people for no other reason than to have something to talk about, but that is something I do not wish to do anymore. I don’t want to be that mean girl. When you put out good things in the world, then good things will come back to you.

I want to put out good in this world and to make people happy. I want to be a happier person and not look back on some choices I made and be disappointed in myself. Being a better person starts with me. One person I think of that has always been genuinely kind to anyone she has meet and always has a smile on her face is my friend Mackenzie. No one has anything but kind words to say about her and is a sweet soul. I want to be like her. I want to always have a smile on my face and have nothing to say but kind words. She is an inspiration to me and my resolution. I want to build people up, not tear them down. Putting out good in the world is something I am going to strive to do and hopefully I can stick with it. Happy New Year everyone and good luck with your resolutions. Here is to a healthy and bright 2016!


Bye, Bye Social Media

A while ago, I was without my phone for two days. I unfortunately dropped my precious phone in one of the disgusting bar toilets. I tried my best to wipe away all of the water, but most of it had already sank into my phone and sent it into a shock. The screen went black then popped up orange and shut off. I ran out of the bar and across the street to the local hibachi place. I begged them to give me some dry rice that could hopefully help save my phone. They gave me a box of rice, but there was no way I was going to be walking around with a box that contacted my phone and rice for the rest of the night. My roommate and I started hoping from place to place to find a plastic bag for the rice and phone. Finally someone found me a bright, blue grocery bag! It was one of the most exiting times in my life. My roommate and I were literally jumping and screaming in joy. For the rest of the night I had that bright, blue grocery bag filled with rice and my phone stuffed into my purse while I danced the night away.

The next morning reality set in. My forever companion had lost its life last night. I was on the Internet for several hours trying to find a quick fix way that could resurrect my dear friend, but it was useless. I called my mom to let her know what happened and she ordered me a replacement phone. I was not going to get this stranger until Tuesday. It was Sunday. My roommate told me that two days wasn’t going to be that bad and I agreed, but deep down I was going insane. How am I going to know what is going on? How was I going to talk to my friends? How was I going to listen to the new Justin Bieber song? How was I going to know what happened in the next Twitter fight? Little did I know that all of those things were so tiny in the overall use of my phone. I did not notice how much I needed my phone until Monday.

I had no alarm without my phone and as much as I would like to skip class, I had to get up and go. My roommate became my new alarm clock and woke me up with a nice, soft “Good morning Ashlyn, it’s time to get up.” That was better compared to my blaring phone that blasted my ear drums at eight in the morning. When I walk to class I like to listen to my playlists, so I have some type of entertainment going on. That was not going to happen for the next two days. The playlist that I heard was Lawn Mower by Nice Worker, Loud Honks by Pissed Off Driver, and Soft Cries by Stressed Students. It wasn’t my favorite playlist, but it wasn’t the worst I have ever listened too. When I arrived to my classes, I noticed that everyone was on their phones waiting for class to begin. I was unable to have that opportunity to hear my fellow Twitterers of their morning complaints. I patiently waited for my classes to begin as I twiddled my thumbs and stared into space. I was able to use my computer to text my friends and check in on my social media sites, but it was not the same. I missed the touch of my small metal rectangle in my hands. As much as two days not seem that bad, it is a lifetime to a social media addicted teenager. Yes, I will admit that I fall into the stereotype that this generation is addicted to their phones. I am not as extreme as some people are, but if I cannot even know what time it is without my phone then there is a slight problem.

On Tuesday, I finally got my new phone. It took me four hours to figure out how to sync the darn thing (I am not technology savvy if you could not tell). My life finally got its missing piece back and I have kept my phone ten feet away from a toilet ever since.

Body by a CheezIt

Food and I have always gotten along. I spent a lot of time over at my grandmother’s house, which meant if I didn’t eat what she cooked then I didn’t eat at all. She raised me to not be a picky eater and why would anyone want to be one in the first place? There are so many different types of food and millions of things you can try with them that it sounds like Heaven. I remember the first time I tried the amazing mac and cheese. I was around the age of seven and my mother made her homemade mac and cheese for a family gathering. My mom made a plate for me and the first thing I went for was her mac and cheese. My father always bragged about how delicious it was and he was right. It was one of the best things  that I ever ate at the age of seven. I thought my mom was my very own personal mac and cheese wizard chef. At that moment was the moment that I decided that food and I were going to be very good friends.

The only food that I can eat without getting tired of it is chocolate. I used to sneak out of my bedroom, as a little girl, and sneak pieces of chocolate back to my room for breakfast and a late night snack. My mother and I both love chocolate so much that we have a drawer in the kitchen filled with chocolate snacks. It was the best idea my mother ever came up with. I have consumed so much chocolate over my lifetime that whenever I eat some now I always sneeze twice after I take my first bite. Apparently my body was become somewhat allergic to my favorite food. Ironic. Food can have some negative side effects, unfortunately. It makes my tummy a little chubby at times. Also, I am not the most healthy eater which also makes my face have some breakouts. Most people would cut down not he unhealthy food choices, but that is just way to difficult for me to do so I suck it up. Food is one of the greatest things that us, as human kind, have found a way to make better and better and I would like to thank people for that. As Clark would say from The Office, “Body by a CheezIt.”

Midol to the Rescue

When Mother Nature decides to pay girl a visit each month it is a gift and a curse. It is a gift to know that your body is okay and everything is working properly. It is a curse with all the other parts that tag along with the visit. The first villain that comes to pay me a visit is Bloating. For a whole week I will tell myself that I need to go on a diet and work out more, but in reality it is just Bloating making me second guess my body. It is quiet a devious plot that Bloating has come up with and it terrorizes many woman and prevents us from wearing certain clothes. Cravings is Bloating’s best accomplice. They are the worst duo ever. Cravings makes me want to eat every little scrap of food that comes into my range of view. When I finally give into Cravings temptations, Bloating swoops right in and makes me feel like a land whale. It is a terrible combination! Think of the worst two villains your mind can let you conjure up. Then double that by a thousand and you will have the evil due of Bloating and Cravings.

The final villain of them all is the Cramps. Cramps is the most devious mastermind to everything painful and annoying that happens to a girl when another Nature wants to visit. Cramps tags along to give me a never ending cycle of curling up into balls of pain and waking up in the middle of the night because it’s pain is so treacherous. The only thing that is able to fight off all three of these truly evil villains is the amazing Midol. Midol is able to throw the biggest punches at their faces and win the battle and the war that occurs every month for a week. This SUPER hero is able to destroy Cravings and make Bloating disappear so I am able to wear my favorite little black dress. The best thing that Midol is able to do is ward off the worst villain, Cramps. Midol stomps that little turd into the ground and is able to make him want to never come back and visit me again (even though he does). I know there are many super heroes that come and rescue the damsel in distress, but none of them ever come close to my super hero, Midol. I mean who can say that a hero comes and saves them for a whole week out of every month. I don’t think Superman ever did that nor did Spiderman for Mary Jane. Yeah they saved their cities, but Midol saves me from having unnecessary mood swings.


One of the worst things about be a hormonal teenager/young adult are the breakouts that come along with it. When I was a young teenager, around the ages of thirteen to sixteen, I had some really bad breakouts. Not as bad as the people who are on those commercials on how this amazing product will cure everything that pops up on your face. I had enough bumps and scars to make me not feel so hot though. I tired so many products and home made remedies that I Googled (side note: the internet is never a good idea if you need some really good ideas). One product made my skin break out into a huge, red rash! I felt like a snake that was constantly peeling twenty-four seven. Another product made the acne on my face multiply by ten. How that is possibly I have no idea, but it was the worst experience of my life. The last product I tried finally showed me some progress and the breakouts subsided. When you are so young and your hormones are making red bumps pop up everywhere on your face, you can start to feel embarrassed and a little unattractive. I never like to use to word ugly, but at many times that is how I saw myself when I looked in the mirror.

If there was a comic book artist that was looking for a muse for their next mutant, hideous monster then I was a prime candidate. In reality, no one is that mutant monster.  Breakouts are a part of life and yes they are not something anyone enjoys (but if you do, then you do you). I have like ten breakouts on my face right now, hence why I felt the weird need to blog about this topic. Also, it sucks. I was putting on my makeup today, trying to hide these massive bumps all over my face, and nothing was doing to trick. I ended up slamming my foundation on the ground and some of it squirted out into my eye, making me even more aggravated. Life lesson: don’t take your anger out on your makeup, they are just trying to help. Now, I guess I should just try to embrace the things that my hormones have “blessed” me with and just get over it. I am not that ugly monster that I see when I look into the mirror and neither is anyone else. Plus, they are not something that is permanent. Breakouts are not fun at all and the next time some decide to come into the light I will say, “Screw it! I am beautiful!”

10 Reason Why Nicki Minaj is Goals

Nicki Minaj is one the baddest female rappers in the industry and with her new album, Pink Print, being released she has become even more amazing. She is literally goals on so many levels and here are ten reason why.

1. Her booty- A lot of women are blessed with a big booty (I wouldn’t know), but Nicki Minaj was given a booty by God and even He was like damn that is one fine job I did right there.

2. Her rhymes- Nicki slays in her raps. There isn’t one song that I don’t listen to her by her and I am like “OH MY GOD!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!” Her sass and attitude is everything.

3. Her best friend is Beyoncè- If that is not goals for everyone, then you need to reevaluate your life.

4. She is engaged to Meek Mill- He might not be exactly my type, but they collaborated on so many songs that even if they are not that romantic, I still find them so cute.

5. She empowers women- Every time Nicki is in an interview she is always about empowering women to be independent and their own person. Even in her songs she raps about how the woman should be in charge.

6. She was the only woman apart of the Young Money group- pretty self explanatory, but also plays into how she is her own woman and can conquer anything.

7. Her personality- Nicki Minaj is like a ball of bad ass, hyper, perfect energy and no matter where she is or who she is talking to she always has the same personality with everyone.

8. She loves her fans- On my twitter feed, I always see Nicki retweeting and interacting with her fans more than I see any other celebrity.

9. No one can step to her- Nicki has to be one of the most well respected women in the rap industry, to the point that most people don’t look at her as a female rapper. They look at her as someone who is able to produce records that end up selling millions.

10. Her best friend is Beyoncè- I know I already said this, but come on!!! It is the Queen B, so that makes Nicki a queen! Plus the Feeling Myself video is one of the best music videos every made of all time.

Yoga Thoughts

I have started taking yoga classes and I have to admit, that stuff is really hard. I literally have sweat everywhere when I leave and I feel so unfit afterwards. I usually like to go during the day, so I will not have to be in a crowded class. Unfortunately that is the exact same time the housewives like to go as well. I never gave housewives any thought, but some of these women can whip out some moves that make me question them. I would never get into a fight with a housewife, because they have some MAJOR upper body strength. My most common thought I have during every yoga class is if I should keep of this healthy vibe going into lunch/dinner or do I deserve that double chocolate chip cookie and Panera mac and cheese. Nine times out of ten I always go with the choice of rewarding myself with the unhealthy, yet very delicious choice. I usually go to yoga with my best friend, Carli and sometimes (every time) she shows me up. She has been doing yoga a lot longer than I have and I hate going to places by myself. One day, the assistant came up to Carli and was complementing her on how strong and balanced she is and I am like “Hey! I tried and sweated and I look like I worked out for once. A for effort!”

I never really knew why there was yoga and hot yoga. I usually just thought it was about finding your zen and spiritual stuff like that, but oh was I wrong. Hot yoga is the only thing that has been able to make me wanna pass out in my own sweat puddle (yes that is very disgusting, but don’t judge me). The teachers are always so happy and alive, while I am just trying to breathe and not pass out on my matt. One time, we were in a pose that required you to be in a lunge position and have your arms out to your sides and I was the only person that fell over. I embarrassed myself, but also Carli, because she has to associate with me. I do have to give myself some props though. I never quit! I always stick with the the flow, even if I fall down on my face. The worst part of yoga for me is when we have to use out arms. I have zero muscles in my whole body, so when the instructor tells us to do planks and all these other crazy moves my arms start to shake and once again I collapse onto the ground. At first I thought my body was going into total shut down mode, because I have pissed it off, but fortunately the instructor was like you are building up some muscles with their bright and shiny smile. In all honestly, I really enjoy doing yoga and it is the only type of physical activity I have stuck with that has lasted for more than two days. Also, those lavender towels are like heaven.